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Words of Praise and Kindness  v ( is the old and commended work of Andrew Bedno. is a comprehensive and concise guide to Chicago fun with a leaning to the offbeat and modern, circus and vaudeville, bike and skate, fests and arts, and little to no cost. features local event listings, unparalleled photo and video archives, and vastly more including decades of Andrew Bedno's other works. (under prior names) was voted "Best Chicago Entertainment Newsletter on the Web" in NewCity Magazine Readers Poll issues in 1998 AND 1999 AND 2001!!! And was selected as a "Best Of The Web" by for 2000.
    Susan  2004.03.17
    Andrew: Your website is thorough and informative plus gives newbie's to Chicago like me a chance to get word out there of my available skate lessons and late night treks that start in spring! The site is certainly packed full of information and good links! THANKS AGAIN and keep up the super job!
    Scary Lady Sarah  2004.01.05
    Andrew has been running one of Chicago's best (and most diverse!) resources for when you're looking for something cool to do. When I win the lottery (or somehow get rich), he's definitely getting a stack 'o' cash from me for all the hard (& probably mostly thankless) work he does. For now, "thanks, Andrew!" :)
    Jim Domiano  2003.03.21
    Andrew, I've only scratched the surface of your new site, but it is OUTSTANDING! What a great job. I am particulary fond of the photo album software you've crafted - nicely done!

    I'm forwarding your URL to everyone I know who lives or visits Chicago, and adding a link from my (puny) website later today.


    Brad  2003.03.19

    Great eLetter!
    Sean M. Byrne  2002.12.27
    As always, your site remains among Chicago's elite events resources. From a peer who humbly respects your many talents and is impressed by your hard work week in and week out, I say 'thank you' for making our town a more fun place to be! Keep up the good work!

    Cheru  2002.08.28
    Great site. I enjoyed my visit.
    Satheesh K A  2002.08.23
    Nice Site Keep it up. Sathhesh K A
    Dustin  2002.04.23

    Kick ass site , I love looking at all the pictures you have. i find things to do from your site too.. hey it would be cool if you were able to get some pictures from skokie, thats where i live.. Keep up to good work. =)
    auntiepanpan  2002.03.02

    This is the site that I have been looking for! I moved to Illinois from Hollywood, CA. and needless to say that it's a different world. But I like it...The only thing is that I am new here and don't know many with this site, I can find lots of things to do now, thanks.
    J M Cage  2002.01.07

    Hehe V. Nice site.
    I'll definetely recommend it.
    By the way my pet is a fish and the name is 'Zacharias'

    Pascal  2002.01.06
    Nice web site!
    Jurate  2001.12.24
    wishes the best succsess in a New Year.

    Yujin Boby  2001.12.05
    I just made a short visit to your site. Thank-you for such a great web-site. Great work. Keep it up.

    Maria  2001.12.04
    Great web site! Chicago rules! I will be back here often.
    Thank you

    THE BEST INCENSE CO.  2001.10.31
    Jan  2001.08.01

    Dear Andrew, I subscribed to your site back in May when I was planning to visit chicago in June. I got lots of info, had a marvelous time, and will come calling again. Thanks to your site, I found out that the days I would be in town were the same days of the Puerto Rican day parade (one of the friends I met in Chi is from P.R.). Also, I learned that Navy Pier shoots fireworks off every Wed and Sat. Because of that little piece of info, my friend and I happened to be at the top of the Ferris wheel at the finale of the "works". It was awesome!!!
    Thanks loads for all the info. Kinda makes me wish i lived in the windy city again.
    Yours truly,

    [CEO]Quantum  2001.07.18
    Hi, Just stopin in to say Hello to all of you : ))
    Keep the vibe alive, PLUR,
    Quantum - Covert Elite Operatives

    Lisa 3  2001.07.06

    Thanks for all the updates! You're the best, man... and certainly a great organizer of fun and indispensable resource to the movers and shakers and seekers of merriment in Chicago!

    Illinois Entertainer  2001.07.01
    From the Illinois Entertainer Magazine, July 2001:
    "For a recent creative pros network event, Chicago Fun developed an amazing tourism information kiosk device.
    This is a standalone computer which lets visitors browse their full current events database, directory of fun places, as well as see hundreds of random Chicago Fun photos! It even updates itself by modem or disk without a dedicated phone line or internet account. Vitis the site for more info or to download a free full-function demo!

    Megan Malagoli  2001.06.07

    I have been a special events,marketing and promotions executive in all aspects of the buiseness and wanted to say "simply great job!
    KUDOS" to you Andrew!
    Let me know if there is anything I can do. .. keep up the good work"

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