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Andrew's Art
Andrew Bedno's artworks in various media.







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 Andrew Bedno
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  • Photo Albums
    WOW! The massive photo+video archive is simply unparalleled. With tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of local events spanning more than a decade, all searchable!

  • Automatic Talking Twister Spinner
    The Automatic Talking Twister Spinner is a Project by Andrew Bedno in support of playing this wonderful game without requiring an additional person to spin the moves.
    Automatic Talking Twister Spinner

  • Andrew's Music
    Andrew Bedno's musical compositions and performance history.

  • Andrew's Art
    Sculptural creations by Andrew.
    Andrew's Art

  • Balloons
    Andrew Bedno's Performance Resume - Balloon Twisting Samples.

  • From Universe to Subatomic
    Zoom from visible universe down to smallest possible object in 61 decimal places.
    From Universe to Subatomic