Visual Works
Creations by Andrew in various visual media.
I am constantly creating visual works. Most are sculptural, often a simple concept but requiring significant labor. Some are software. In recent years I've started body painting, and did some performance productions before that. NOTE: Many of these are only a single highlight from the project. Click through to zoom then follow the caption DATE link to see the whole work in context. Also check out my Music and my Projects page.

CyBell the Sentient Bike Bell (click to zoom)
CyBell the Sentient Bike BellElectronic Bike Bell with many sounds, senses and feelings.

United Federation of Cyclists (click to zoom)
United Federation of CyclistsStickers for an imaginary utopian bike club based on Star Fleet principles.

Portland Pony (click to zoom)
Portland PonyMy take on the tradition of sprinkling Portland OR with decorated toy horses.

Rick Roll Wall Phone
Rick Roll Wall PhoneReplaced the guts of a 1960s wall phone to make it funny.

Electronic Bike Bell (click to zoom)
Electronic Bike BellElectronic Bike Bell (v3) with 20 sounds. Built with an ESP32 microcontroller. Connects to a bike stereo.

Andrew's art 2020.05.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2020.05.04"Virtual Love Meter" Working online reproduction of a vintage penny arcade machine.

Andrew's art 2019.07.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2019.07.17MicroBob : Lego Bob Ross filled with every Joy of Painting episode.

Andrew's art 2019.06.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2019.06.08"Super Gaia" poster for World Naked Bike Ride Chicago.

Andrew's art 2018.11.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2018.11.25Nano-Bob : All 403 episodes of Joy of Painting on a chip smaller than a penny.

Andrew's art 2018.03.02 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2018.03.02Tiny Spacewar!

Andrew's art 2018.02.07 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2018.02.07"Money Clock" Decoupage covered in various currencies.

Andrew's art 2018.01.07 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2018.01.07Virtual Billy Bass

Andrew's art 2017.02.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2017.02.01Decoupage dresser made with three best friends.

Andrew's art 2015.03.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2015.03.11Robotoperation. Fix Zed by removing the loose nuts.

Andrew's art 2015.01.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2015.01.15InfoWall : At-a-glance weather, webcams and more.

Andrew's art 2013.06.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2013.06.15Photomosaic Poster for Artists of the Wall Festival 20th anniversary, made of photos from all prior years.

Andrew's art 2012.07.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.07.04Molly's back. Body painting by Andrew.

Andrew's art 2012.06.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.06.29Chicago Critical Mass 2012.06.29
"Pride Ride" - Route by Andrew Bedno, art by willow naeco.

Andrew's art 2012.06.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.06.17Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.
Spot 88 - Andrew and Jera's spot!

Andrew's art 2012.06.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.06.16Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.
Andrew successfully hand painted a working QR code.

Andrew's art 2012.06.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.06.09"Love USA? RIDE A BIKE!" Body painting on Jera by Andrew.

Andrew's art 2012.02.24 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2012.02.24Chocolate covered Facon.

Andrew's art 2011.12.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.12.25Gingerobots. Ginger bread robot cookies by Andrew.

Andrew's art 2011.12.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.12.20Holiday card project.

Andrew's art 2011.12.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art won eleventh place in the finals of the Apps For Metro Chicago contest.

Andrew's art 2011.11.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.11.20Cairns. Built with Crystal.

Andrew's art 2011.07.03 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.07.03Patriotic pride flag body painting on Jera's back. Painted by Andrew.

Andrew's art 2011.03.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.03.05Decoupage dresser.

Andrew's art 2011.03.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2011.03.04Body painting by Andrew.

Andrew's art 2010.06.06 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2010.06.06Jera music arm paintings at yard sale.

Andrew's art 2010.05.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2010.05.01Body painted Jera

Andrew's art 2010.04.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2010.04.05Assembled comprehensive Circus movies collection.

Andrew's art 2010.01.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2010.01.17Lonely locked bits of bike collection started on

Andrew's art 2009.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2009.10.31Riddler costume.

Andrew's art 2009.06.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2009.06.21Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park. World Naked Bike Ride - Chicago segment #99 by Andrew and Danielle.

Andrew's art 2008.12.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2008.12.21Winter Holiday art. Holiday cards to friends. Closeup. Final gloss finish doesn't show well here.

Andrew's art 2008.11.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2008.11.04Obama cookies.

Andrew's art 2008 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2008Andrew Face painted at various fests.

Andrew's art 2008.06.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2008.06.28Zoom from visible universe down to tiniest subatomic distance, wall-sized print.

Andrew's art 2008.06.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2008.06.14Coordinated the 5th annual World Naked Bike Ride Chicago setting the world's record with 1700 riders.

Andrew art 2008.04.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew art 2008.04.05Andrew did sound design and production for "Journey of the Arabella", a pirate circus play by Forms In Motion.

Andrew's art 2007.12.21 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.12.21Hand made holiday cards to friends.

Andrew's art 2007.12.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.12.09Andrew's amazing new Christmas tree hat, with decorations, gifts, and working lights.

Andrew's art 2007.10.27 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.10.27Susan and Andrew as girlscout and boyscout at Halloween Nocturna at House of Blues.

Andrew's art 2007.09.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.09.15Andrew and Susan performed comedy skits for Forms In Motion circus Forest Park Rib Fest.

Andrew's art 2007.07.15 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.07.15Andrew Face painted at various fest through summers.

Andrew's art 2007.06.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.06.17Andrew and Susan's segment ("Secret Garden" themed) in Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.

Andrew's art 2007.06.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2007.06.09Coordinated the World Naked Bike Ride Chicago. Ending at the Oprah sign.

Andrew's art 2006.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2006.10.31Halloween Nocturna. Andrew and Susan as Mister Freeze and Poison Ivy.

Andrew's art 2006.06.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2006.06.18Andrew and Susan's segment ("Natures Palette" themed) in Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.

Andrew's art 2006.05.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2006.05.28Andrew is an exceptional balloon twister.

Andrew's art 2005.10.22 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2005.10.22Andrew as Commando Corporal Kawalski in Area 51 in Fright Fest at Great America.

Andrew's art 2005.08.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2005.08.11Cicada sculpture. Remembering summer 2005.

Andrew's art 2005.06.18 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2005.06.18Andrew and Susan's segment ("Sister Cities" themed) in Artists of the Wall Festival in Rogers Park.

Andrew's art 2004.12.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.12.25"Christmas in Wartime" art project, all camouflage gift wrapping.

Andrew's art 2004.11.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.11.12Circle theme birthday cake.

Andrew's art 2004.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.10.31Korben and Leeloo Dallas costumes.

Andrew's art 2004.04.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.04.11Earth painted blown egg ornaments.

Andrew's art 2004.02.14 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.02.14Sepia toned Valentine's Day photos with many women.

Andrew's art 2004.01.26 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2004.01.26Decoupage dresser.

Andrew's art 2003.12.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2003.12.25Vacuum tube ornament.

Andrew's art 2003.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2003.10.31Borg costumes.

Andrew's art 2003.09.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2003.09.11American flag tie-dye clothes.

Andrew's art 2003.07.04b (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2003.07.04bBaseball, soy dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

Andrew's art 2003.04.20 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2003.04.20American flag Easter eggs.

Andrew's art 2002.12.25 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2002.12.25Edible stained glass windows ornament cookies. Recipe is here.

Andrew's art 2002.11.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2002.11.17Photo Mosaic. Composite self-portrait created with advanced new software.

Andrew's art 2002.11.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2002.11.16The funeral of Miss Mouse E. Mouse.

Andrew's art 2002.11.02 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2002.11.02SpongeBob Jack-o-lantern.

Andrew's art 2002.04.28 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2002.04.28Star Trek collection and shrine.

Andrew's art 2001.11.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2001.11.17Mini tri-counter. Tiny device for statistical and attendance sampling.

Andrew's art 2001.10.31 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2001.10.31Wizard costume.

Andrew's art 2000.11.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2000.11.12Robot Jack-o-Lantern.

Andrew's art 2000.09.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2000.09.01Assisted with the Charybdis arts center.

Andrew's art 2000.06.17 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2000.06.17Painted a segment in Artists of the Wall.

Andrew's art 2001.06.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2001.06.16Painted a segment in the Artists of the Wall Fest mural in Rogers Park. This year's theme: "2001: A Neighborhood Odyssey".

Andrew's art 2000.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2000.01Zen Rubix Cube. It's the journey, not the destination...

Andrew's art 1999.10.30 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1999.10.30Created popular web site and mailing list.

Andrew's art 1999.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1999.08Wrote Getalife, software which fights computer addiction. Mentioned positively in various national press including Newsweek.

Andrew's art 1999.06.16 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1999.06.16Daniel and I painted a lakefront mural segments in the Artists of the Wall fest.

Andrew's art 1998.10 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1998.10Edward Scissorhands Halloween costume complete with facial scars.

Andrew's art 1997.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1997.09Me pad. To play with clothing design I computer generated an outline of myself and had it copied to a pad.

Andrew's art 1997.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1997.05One of two video walls I've had the pleasure of programming. This one shows scenes from a tape sold at the newly opened gift shop.

Andrew's art 1996.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1996.11Art Photo Pinball Game. Made several with various pictures as gifts. Simple, playable, strangely beautiful.

Andrew's art 1996.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1996.05Examples from monochromatic meals project. Some artificially colored, good clean fun with matching girlfriend.

Andrew's art 1996.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1996.04Spiral Cut Safety Pin Shirt. Did several variations, this one is supposed to be a double helix.

Andrew's art 1996.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1996.04Four Level Tic-Tac-Toe. I expected to find this game available commercially, but after years of searching built one myself. Simple rules, complex play.

Andrew's art 1995.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.12Chronosaur. Wooden skeleton models, marbleized, with a digital clock. Made a series as gifts.

Andrew's art 1995.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.11Audio sample alarm clock. Patched together digital clock, amplified speakers, toy chip and circuits to implement recordable wake-up message.

Andrew's art 1995.07 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.07Circuit Schematic T-Shirt. Making something special out of something simple, this is an actual modem diagram transcribed with permanent pens.

Andrew's art 1995.04 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.04Home workout routine quick reference.

Andrew's art 1995.03 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.03Created series of metal and plastic chain belts. Padlock at one end and key at the other is sheer simplicity while intriguing and perfectly wearable.

Andrew's art 1995.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1995.01Annoying Cube. Built clear plastic cube containing six electronic music modules, one on each side, which play Lara's theme all slightly out of sync when picked up.

Andrew's art 1994.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1994.11Refrigerator Magnets Collection. Eventually grew to several dozen, all strictly contemporary household appliance related.

Andrew's art 1994.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1994.09Greensville Train Set. Where does art end and craft/hobby begin? This simple looking layout took me and Daniel over 200 hours.

Andrew's art 1992.11 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1992.11Created Fractal software and short movie.

Andrew's art 1992.09 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1992.09Robot Mouse. Traditional techno-geek project with Daniel. Fully planned before before construction, eventually topped $200.

Andrew's art 1991.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1991.12Electronic Puzzle. 20 piece puzzle appears to assemble some working electronic device, but is actually just aesthetic.

Andrew's art 1991.01 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1991.01Space Jacket. A favorite piece, which I touch up and use every winter. Features an accurate Earth, moon and solar system, as well as other assorted celestial objects.

Andrew's art 1990.12 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1990.12Gear outfit. Black vinyl jacket decorated with large gold gears, painted on using carefully drafted masks.

Andrew's art 1990.08 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1990.08Disk Carvings. Originally just something to do with bad 5.25" disks.

Andrew's art 1990.02.05 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1990.02.05The autograph of John Bardeen. One of the Nobel winners in 1956 for the invention of the transistor.

Andrew's art 1988.10 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1988.10Busy Box. As Daniel headed for busy box age in late 1988, I felt he needed better than the average plastic thing.

Andrew's art 1986 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1986Developed animated educational activities for the exhibit industry.

Andrew's art 1982 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1982Playing in bands since before high school. Hear some...

Andrew's art 1974 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 1974Childhood bust of dad.