Andrew Bedno's projects, works and ideas in development.

Visual Works
Creations by Andrew in various visual media.

Create THE SMALLEST QR CODES possible.

Personal Info Wall. At-a-glance time/date, weather/forecast/radar, webcams, more. Ideal for dedicated always-on projector, laptop or tablet.

The world's first video game (1962's "Spacewar!") running on a simulation of one of the world's first commercially produced computers (the DEC PDP-1) with touch controls and dynamic sizing added for smartphone play. Uses the actual binary program file transcribed from papertape!

Virtual Love Meter
Web-based virtual version of the vintage 1940's novelty "Love Meter" penny arcade game machine.

Spoken Notifications
Spoken Notification is a set of computer voice messages to replace notification sounds on smart phones. This allows the phone to clearly announce many different kinds of events instead of using default sounds.

Virtual Billy Bass
Web-based version of an iconic toy, speaks fortunes, banter, songs and more with synchronized animations.

Random Spoken Praises

Hamlet related content
Andrew Bedno's pages related to Hamlet.

Steve Jobs Costuming Study
Curated collection of biographical and visual resources for purposes of Steve Jobs costuming and performance.

"Trumpkin" carving
Notes, examples, and videos on the subject of most easily carving terrifying jack-o-lanterns in Florida Man's image.

Automatic Talking Twister Spinner
The Automatic Talking Twister Spinner is a Project by Andrew Bedno in support of playing this wonderful game without requiring an additional person to spin the moves.