Andrew's bicycling activities, events, projects, history.

Chicago Critical Mass Route Archive
Chicago Critical Mass (and similar) route map flyers retrospective.
Social Cycling System, messaging mobile masses. (formerly Chi.Bike and MassUp.Us)

World Naked Bike Ride : Chicago
Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people.

Monday Night Ride gathering Spot
Exact GPS mapping of Lincoln Statue behind Chicago Historical Museum.

Chicago Ghost Bikes
Memorials to cyclists killed by drivers.

Bike/Green/Eco/Anti-Oil Movies Compendium
Recommended Cycling, Environmental, Anti-Oil, Consumer Conscious Movies.

Best Bike Links
Links to bicycle related sites I created, administer, or contribute to.

Lonely Locked Bits of Bikes
Hapless innocent casualties with unknowable stories, like puppy bones leashed to a tree.

Andrew's Bikes
My current beloved bikes.

The Future Is Low Car
Andrew's speech on the inevitable low-car future.

Andrew's Post-Ride Writeups
Extensive articles about specific local bike event personal experiences.

Andrew's Bike Routes
Chicago area bike routes by Andrew.

Critical Mass Route Dev Hints
Some accumulated wisdom for development of Chicago Critical Mass routes by a few who have done so.

Bike Accessories Shopping List
Amazon Wish List of important suggested bicycle accessories, lights, sound, hardware, clothing, etc.

Live Location Broadcast
Live broadcast of Andrew's location when available.

Bike Sound
Links and notes related to sharing a soundtrack between bicycles carrying speakers on group rides and ad hoc events.