Major upgrade, replacing most pages with PHP.

Finally entering the 21st century.
All site pages have been upgraded to a new standard format. Also overhauled ads, subindecis, photos, translations, chat, media ranking, thumbnails. All pages now include a 420x60 one of six auto-sequencing ad banner (w/o frames) at top. All left bar section links were moved to a set of small text "SECTION" links in the top of every page. The left bar was changed to instead carry only 10 small button ads. Also the left bar has been added to every possible page, leaving only the few widest (mobile, translations, forum) without. NOTE: There is a problem in NetScape where a blank bar is inserted at page top due to the join form. Any qualified input would be appreciated.
Some of the new section links in the page top link to new "selector" pages, implementing sub-indecis to various pages within a subject. For example a new CALENDARS link replaces explicit links to all sub-calendars and tools, with a new calendar subject index page presenting all calendars and additional choices on a bullet menu.
Photo navigation was improved adding 5 factors of enlargement while viewing a photo, wrapping back to the original size (may require current rev browsers). Also, all photo pages (except album view due to width) now carry left side ads.
A fairly excellent new CHAT program was added. It is pure HTML using frames and meta-refresh, with a Perl program on back end for posting. It includes fast updates, emoticons, and even an automatic insert Fortune Cookie phrase feature. Also automatically censors some obscenities. Old entries are automatically aged off, and name is gender color coded.
Media search has been improved to place editors recommended choices on top, rather then strictly chronological. Also the index has been updated some, in particular bringing the Chicago-Scene photo search records up to date.
An initial version of automatic inclusion of thumbnail photos on event listings has been introduced. Now in any view of a single event (such as INVITE and RSVP) a thumbnail photo (under 120 pixels wide) if available will be shown next to the event. This uses the inventory of several hundred thumbnails which formerly appeared randomly selected on the left bar of every page, plus additional new photos. ALSO a thumbnail now appears on every calendar page (including home) randomly selected (in JavaScript on load) from the best few available for the events on that page, giving preference by event rating. That thumbnail links to the specific related event listing for details and has a good alt caption for mouseover info.
Finally, ChicagoClubber was upgraded to be fully integrated with ChicagoFun ad maintenance. It now carries the same banner and button ads, and the new section links near page top have been added.
Event content remains better then ever with most repeats confirmed out for several weeks, and holiday content fully year wrapping. Page hits are up % for January over December! Partly due to this problematic volume, plans are in progress for completion of move to donated ISP by 2002.02.19 or the hosting will become unaffordable.