The leader on web phones.
All event listings on this system are updated at least once a day. This means that calendar pages and VIP offers for example are always current. The pocket organizer versions and text-to-speech are also similarly live.
HOWEVER: The AvantGo (Palm/WinCE) and E-Text versions, as well as the Web Phone version, AND the international language translated versions were formerly only updated weekly, and included ONLY events appearing on the emailed newsletter.
These versions, formerly external batch conversions, have now been fully integrated with the calendar system. Not only are they now always live and current, but they contain the FULL UNFILTERED event listings. In some cases they now show two or three TIMES as many events on a given day.
ALSO: A WIRELESS FORUMS system has been added to the Web Phone version. Check it out! Promoters are now able to post e-coupons DIRECTLY for access from Web Phones and similar mini-browsers.