FaceBook Event Submission Feed

Event submissions system transitioned to feed from FaceBook query and new ChicagoFunNews Facebook App.
For more than a decade has provided a public submission form to our local events database. I've also long developed integration of events feeds from other sites to reduce redundancies and decrease data entry and maintenance labor. For many years there was a well integrated TicketMaster feed, which became erratic after their transition to AJAX based web service.

NOW the events listing system gets many events fed from FaceBook. Our internal events database system remains unchanged, but the public input is now only through FaceBook.

To have an event considered for the website and possibly the weekly email newsletter, you must post it yourself on FaceBook as an event, AND you must either be a FaceBook friend of the editor (Andrew Bedno) OR have invited one of his friends. Finally, odds improves with number of editor friends attending.

Events entered this way (and well in advance) automatically appear in the ChicagoFunNews FaceBook App, giving users quick queries through hundreds of local listings.

This new ChicagoFunNews FaceBook App is arguably the single best Chicago insiders events resource.
Please bookmark it now.