version 11!

"Mobile Friendly" Overhaul
Pursuant to exceeding Google's best practice standards for mobile friendliness and security, I've completed a major internal upgrade to the content management system, the first such major changes in some six years.
Among the improvements are:
  • All pages now https and cookies are encrypted.
  • Massive simplifications to appearance and navigation. Events and Photos areas now called Do and See. Several seldom used features dropped.
  • All audio/video media (>800 items) now use HTML5's embedded player. This perfects video presentation on mobile devices, and finally obsoletes the Flash player which was in use since 2009.
  • Photos and videos now autosize to space, reducing width as needed on small screens.
  • Embedded maps are now static. Interactive map embeds were prompting to launch GoogleMaps app on smartphones.
  • Overhauled weather page, now largely simply embeds's weather page.
  • Overhauled event listings pages. Improved search and date picker.
I also partially back-filled several subject photo albums which had developed large chronological gaps, including: vanity, art, pets, design.