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Chicago Exit Ride
Bike ride from Rogers Park to Union Station to Vernon Hills in clear but frosty early winter Chicago weather. Mostly on the lakefront path. About 75 minutes riding speeded up x30 for a quick two and a half minutes.

Chicago Exit Ride (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2018.11.25
Nano-Bob : Contains every Joy of Painting episode ever on a chip smaller than a penny. Evokes the question, is computer memory denser than human memory?

Andrew's art 2018.11.25 (click to zoom)
Rail Data
Salesforce forms integration using Javascript/HTML/CSS for customer portal system.

Rail Data (click to zoom)
Case 01: Skates
Inline skates, wrist guards, basic skate tools.

Case 01: Skates (click to zoom)
Box 24: Packaging
Gift wrapping, boxes, bags, gifts, etc.

Box 24: Packaging (click to zoom)
Other 01: Hoops
Fitness Hoops, collapsible.

Other 01: Hoops (click to zoom)
Other 03: Microwave Oven
Microwave Oven

Other 03: Microwave Oven (click to zoom)
Box 54: Tupperware
Banana carrier, food storage containers in various sizes with tops.

Box 54: Tupperware (click to zoom)
Box 51: Cleaning
Chemicals, sponges, insecticides, etc.

Box 51: Cleaning (click to zoom)
Box 52: Drinking
Shot glasses, BAC meter, samples.

Box 52: Drinking (click to zoom)
Box 48: Storage
Tiny, Sandwich, Snack, Quart, Gallon, Two Gallons, clips.

Box 48: Storage (click to zoom)
Box 41: Health
Hot pad, splints, guards, etc.

Box 41: Health (click to zoom)
Box 44: Sewing
Thread, needles, buttons, snaps, etc.

Box 44: Sewing (click to zoom)
Box 39: A/V
Cables and adapters, media players, camera stuff, video gaming, etc.

Box 39: A/V (click to zoom)
Box 38: Computer
USB cables, disks, keyboards, cases, etc.

Box 38: Computer (click to zoom)
Box 30: Body Painting
Paints, kits, accessories, faces, books, etc.

Box 30: Body Painting (click to zoom)
Box 50: Disposable
Napkins, plates, flatware, foil, wrap, wax paper, etc.

Box 50: Disposable (click to zoom)
Box 46: Shoes: Primary
Running, cycling, flip flops, winter boots, dress.

Box 46: Shoes: Primary (click to zoom)
Furniture 04: Computer Cart
Compact three shelf rolling shelving unit, black.

Furniture 04: Computer Cart (click to zoom)
Furniture 02: Folding Chair: Standard
Folding black padded office chair.

Furniture 02: Folding Chair: Standard (click to zoom)