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Chicago Critical Mass 2020.05.29
Virtual Mass, Steven Lane

Chicago Critical Mass 2020.05.29 (click to zoom)
Andrew's art 2020.05.04
"Virtual Love Meter" Working online reproduction of a vintage penny arcade machine.

Andrew's art 2020.05.04 (click to zoom)
Spoken Notifications
Spoken Notification is a set of computer voice messages to replace notification sounds on smart phones. This allows the phone to clearly announce many different kinds of events instead of using default sounds.

Wordpress Sites
Managing WordPress sites for a non-profit organization providing yoga and nutrition classes.

Wordpress Sites (click to zoom)
Chicago Critical Mass 2020.01.31
Polka Ride, John Greenfield

Chicago Critical Mass 2020.01.31 (click to zoom)
Jane's Autobiographies
Autobiographies of Jane Bedno (nee Higgins)

Travel Planning
Potential relocation candidate cities evaluation tour planning.

Travel Planning
"I'd recommend him to any employer."

OfficeDepot (click to zoom)
Carla Aiello
Wednesday, November 6th 2019, age 37.

Carla Aiello (click to zoom)
Components, adapters, modules, PC parts, switches and buttons, etc.

Electronics (click to zoom)
Juggling, visible woman, rubicks, moon, Star Trek, plastic, etc.

Toys (click to zoom)
Hooks, brackets, mirrors, plant, weather, metal, security.

Hardware (click to zoom)
Art and Office
Clays, stamps, lino block, decoupage, etc.

Art and Office (click to zoom)
Douglas DeMott
Thursday, January 24th 2019, age 52.

Douglas DeMott (click to zoom)
Chicago Critical Mass 2019.09.27
Southside Sightseeing

Chicago Critical Mass 2019.09.27 (click to zoom)
Chicago Critical Mass 2019.08.30
Safety Mass

Chicago Critical Mass 2019.08.30 (click to zoom)
Chicago Critical Mass 2019.07.26
Extinction Rebellion

Chicago Critical Mass 2019.07.26 (click to zoom)
Virtual Love Meter
Web-based virtual version of the vintage 1940's novelty "Love Meter" penny arcade game machine.

Andrew's art 2019.07.17
MicroBob : Lego Bob Ross filled with every Joy of Painting episode.

Andrew's art 2019.07.17 (click to zoom)
Coins: Mexico

Coins: Mexico (click to zoom)