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Raul "Raco" Ortiz-Gomez
Wednesday, June 13th 2018, age 41. "Hay un Dias que todo la ve y todo la sabe."

2018.10.19 (wk1109)
Be afraid, be very afraid.

2018.10.12 (wk1108)
Hear all, trust nothing.

2018.10.05 (wk1107)
Be seeing you.

Andrew Bedno's Storage Inventory

Box 07: Files: Old business.
Old business files, taxes, records, receipts.

Box 06: Files: Past Projects
Old portfolio, writings, schematics, flat art, finals docs on major projects.

Box 05: Souvenirs: 2000s
Punch&Judy Devil, Rabbi puppet, Jesus 2, puzzle, giant slide rule, space station model, more.

Box 00: Costuming: Primary
Nerd, Artist, Wizard, Patriot, Zombie, Skeleton, Water.

Box 10: Books from Childhood
Earliest cherished books including The Way Things Work vols 1+2, Buck Rogers Compendium, tube electronics, Tom Lehrer, more.

Box 09: Souvenirs: Older
Marital memories, first computer (Cosmac Elf 1802), old fave books, some Daniel bits.

Box 08: Old media.
Old photos, slides, and personal VHS tapes.

Furniture 00: Shelving Poles
Unused legs for large black metal storage shelving. Two 6' poles (as four 3' segments) and two 3' wooden closet dowel.

Box 03: Fancy Tops
Purple suit and blazer, sweater, fire, gold, bowling shirt, ...

Box 02: Costuming: Parts and Hats
Clown blazers, cape, opera gloves, comedy accessories, novelty glasses, tall steel toed goth boots, jewel topped pimp cane, Julian (Trailer Park Boys) glass. Construction helmet, bowler, top hat, graduate, spinner, halo, witch, cowl, crown, necklaces.

Box 04: Transport Holding
Xmas gifts for others stowed in advance. InfoWall parts (aging projector and laptop), 2016-2018 souvenirs, US shotglasses, classic Enterprise model, misc.

Box 01: Costuming: Secondary
Cable Guy jumpsuit, Silver, Winter, Green, Riddler, Goth, Korben Dallas.

2018.09.28 (wk1106)
I'm with her.

2018.09.21 (wk1105)
Work makes freedom.

2018.09.14 (wk1104)
Safe journey.

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