Andrew  Do  See
Andrew Bedno's useful documents and resources.

Free Internet Television. Best links for surviving cable withdrawal.

Andrew's movie collections; exhaustive compendiums in niche categories.

Technical Writings
Archive of Andrew's writings on technical subjects.

Chicago Area Human Services
Resources intended for crisis level help for near-homeless individuals, but may be of use to other generally needy or unemployed.

This article chronicles my Lipectomy, removal of a small liposa (a benign encapsulated fat body smaller than a penny) for cosmetic reasons.

Jokes and Humor
Collected funny things in several topics.

Andrew's Favorite Links
Aging list of a few dozen favorite sites.

Balloon Sculpting Links
Learning and acquisition.

Drum&Bass Theory
Attempting to define the genre.

Vasectomy Info
Resources and my story.

Words of Wisdom
Collected useful hints from history.