Jokes and Humor

Collected funny things in several topics.

An illustrated satire of religions' absurdity.

Chrismukah Press Release
Announcing the great merger at long last.

Computer Humor
Classics from ancient nerd times.

Fun With Latin
Cogito ergo bibamus.

Hamlet Drinking Game
Analysis suggests "drink" as an optimal word on which to drink.

Andrew's project in the 1980s to accumulate and publish a baseline set of classic jokes in common topics.

Light Bulb Jokes
Andrew's project to collect lightbulb jokes. Make one up for your profession.

Meta-Truth In Labeling
This Product Consists of 99.9999999999% Empty Space.

Middle English Insults Generator
Thou unmuzzled beslubbering toad-spotted beetlehead.

Science Jokes
Schrodinger's cat walks into a bar...

Signs of the Times
When I was young we didn't have cell phones.