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 Andrew Bedno
 •   Chi.Bike
 • was among the VERY FIRST web sites to provide access for mobile users, including Palm/WinCE/PDA, Web Phone, Pager and Text Messaging devices, all in optimized native formats. Further, claims the record for World's Smallest Electronic City Guide with the keychain versions!
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  • Smart Phones
    Exceptional support for iPhone and others, including VIDEOS!

  • Text Messaging / SMS / Pager
    Chicago oldest text messaging group, now numbering hundreds!

  • E-Books
    E-Books specially prepared by Andrew for your enjoyment.

  • MiniBrowsers
    First to support webphone HDML mini-browsers!

  • Entertainment Information Terminal "kiosk" information terminals were created and deployed as described here through 2000-2003, and positively reviewed by the Illinois Entertainer in 2001.
    Entertainment Information Terminal

  • Pocket Organizers
    Formats for numerous tiny pocket organizers.

  • PDAs
    Formats for Personal Digital Assistants such as Palm, Windows CE/Mobile, and AvantGo.

  • Mobile Server
    Software available.

  • Text to Speech
    Virtual narrator and sight impaired formats.
    Text to Speech (click to zoom)

  • Photos of Mobile implementations
    Examples of actual mobile versions in use.
    Photos of Mobile implementations