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  • About Andrew
    Andrew Bedno is the prolific creator of this site.

    • Resumé


      Work in web, mobile, business and embedded software development

      • History

        • Medical Information Systems   March 2011 - Ongoing 
          Medical Information Systems
          Morrisey Associates : Documentation management and reports for industry leading health care credentialing software.
          Developing in .net, VB, C# and Business Objects on Microsoft servers.

        • Barcoding Solutions   July 2006 - March 2011
          Barcoding Solutions
          Data Collection Partners : Developed complete barcoding Solutions such as inventory and chain-of-custody systems for Fortune 500 customers in fast food, education, shipping and printing industries including McDonalds and Pearson.
          Developed in C for scanners, VB for PC, PHP/SQL for web.

        • Mobile Development   February 2009 - Ongoing 
          Mobile Development
          Break The Gridlock : Created popular webapp (listed on Divvy Bikes and CTA Rapid Transit resources pages) leveraging city data for cyclist navigation. Working as a Board of Directors member for a 501.c3 charitable organization promoting appropriate transportation. was a finalist in the Apps for Metro Chicago contest.
          Registered iPhone developer coding in JavaScript, HTML, PHP, MySQL and jQuery under Linux and Apache.

        • Drupal Communities   March 2007 - Ongoing 
          Drupal Communities
          Self Employed : Created and maintained websites using the popular "Drupal" content management system for local institutions and events.
          Developing for Drupal in PHP and MySQL under Linux.

          • Triton Troupers Circus   March 2007 - Ongoing 
            Triton Troupers Circus
            Triton Troupers Circus is an extraordinary show based out of Triton College near Chicago since 1972! This massive project put nearly 40 years of archival content online! I solely created and setup the site, did weeks of scanning, and created extensive related content and Intranet areas. I also produced promotional materials including a zazzy video, poster art, press releases, stock photos, and fans emailing list.

          • Chicago Critical Mass   June 2006 - Ongoing 
            Chicago Critical Mass
            Massive group bike event, the last Friday of each month in cities world-wide, for more than a decade. I didn't create this site but have become one of it's admins. Implemented significant enhancements such as email and sms list join forms, archives, and much content.

          • Chicago Naked Ride   March 2006 - Ongoing 
            Chicago Naked Ride
            Chicago's production of this international annual anti-oil awareness-raising event routinely sets records with nearly 2000 participants. Turnout and safety are facilitated by a strong web presence and email lists built by Andrew.

        • Bulk Mailing   July 2004 - July 2006
          Bulk Mailing
          Mid-Central Printing & Mailing : List processing, data imports and conversions, presorts and personalization for one of Illinois' busiest bulk mailers.
          Developed in Perl and various databases.

        • Collaborative Project Management   June 2004 - January 2005
          Collaborative Project Management
          TrippLite Manufacturing : Enhancements to dotProject, an open-source collaborative project management software for a world-leader in power protection devices.
          PHP development and Linux admin in a highly heterogeneous environment.

        • Facilities Management   November 2003 - January 2004
          Facilities Management
          Sentact : Enhancements to a web-based facilities management package, providing operations support services, messaging and work ticketing to large institutional and hospital clients.
          Object PHP, and heavy style sheet work.

        • Categorized Listings Guide   January 2003 - December 2013
          Categorized Listings Guide
 : Overhauled and maintained Chicago's oldest entertainment resources classified listings system.
          LAMP implementation blends Perl and SSI runtimes with PHP reporting.

        • Social Networking Systems   November 2001 - May 2002
          Social Networking Systems
          Self Employed : Created, copyrighted, and marketed "Advanced Content and Membership Management Software" with comprehensive user features.
          Programmed in PHP for any SQL/OS.

          • More Sites   November 2001 - May 2002
            Andrew created a number of Chicago entertainment related and performer sites early this century, all using parts of the same advanced content management software.

        • Placement System for Students   January 2001 - October 2001
          Placement System for Students
          Dawson Hackley Advertising : Users create, store, update and forward resumes for internships, seasonal, part-time and entry level jobs, while affiliates get powerful candidate search tools.
          Programmed in Perl and MySQL under Linux.

        • Hiring System for Food Service   January 2001 - October 2001
          Hiring System for Food Service
          Dawson Hackley Advertising : Users create, store, update and forward resumes. Employers search by powerful criteria including location proximity, and maintain favorite candidates, follow-ups, history, etc.
          Programmed in Perl and MySQL under Unix.

        • Online K-12 Education   July 2000 - November 2000
          Online K-12 Education
          Strategic Studies Corp : Senior-level consultation and development with a major educational content venture serving school and home users with commercial subscription plans.
          Programmed in Perl and JavaScript using SQL under NT. Managed small team.

        • Online Software Sales   January 2000 - September 2001
          Online Software Sales
          Self Employed : Sole marketer of "BigDoc" - the first PC-side editor for Palm E-Text documents.

        • Game for Fighting Computer Addiction   January 1999 - January 2001
          Game for Fighting Computer Addiction
          Self Employed : Created "Getalife" product and its e-commerce retail system. Researched enough computer humor to write a book. Well reviewed in NewsWeek and other major press!
          Game programmed in Pascal for DOS. Site in Perl under Unix.

        • Online Software Sales   January 1999 - September 2001
          Online Software Sales
          Self Employed : Sole marketer of "PalmDocs" - the first Microsoft Word add-in for exchange of Palm e-text documents.

        • Text Editing for Palm Pilot Organizers   July 1998 - September 2001
          Text Editing for Palm Pilot Organizers
          Self Employed : Sole marketer of the first unlimited capacity text editor for Palm organizers.

        • E-Commerce Developer and Entrepreneur   February 1998 - December 1999
          E-Commerce Developer and Entrepreneur
          Self Employed : Sole marketer of the last inventory of the amazing "Prince Interactive" CD-ROM game by the artist formerly known as Prince.

        • Accessories for Palm Pilots   September 1997 - January 2000
          Accessories for Palm Pilots
          Self Employed : Created clear flip cover product and e-commerce system.

        • Online Media Management   May 1997 - May 2000
          Online Media Management
          D.G. Systems : Developed audio/video advertising management system for D.G.Systems - used by Coke, Kraft, GM and others. Implements live catalog of commercial spots with online previews!

        • Online Media Order Processing   May 1997 - May 2000
          Online Media Order Processing
          Mediatech : Online order processing system for a world leading video distribution service.

        • Online Restaurant Reservations   October 1996 - May 1997
          Online Restaurant Reservations
          Resnet Systems : Designed system and managed programming team. Used by fine Chicago restaurants at the dawn of the web.

        • First Internet Terminal for TVs   April 1996 - October 1996
          First Internet Terminal for TVs
          Multimedia Systems : Developed server software and web content for "TV-Link", the first TV set top web browser and email device. Marketed overseas, it pre-dated WebTV.

        • Heavy Equipment Sales Tool   June 1994 - May 1996
          Heavy Equipment Sales Tool
          Absolute Solutions : Developed "Absolute Recall" - a commercially marketed high-end multi-user sales and contact management system for industrial equipment resellers.

        • Stock Photo Order Processing System   June 1991 - June 1993
          Stock Photo Order Processing System
          Ibid : Developed "Miracle Photo" - a powerful networked Windows order processing system for stock photo sales. Used by the internationally known Ibid agency. Includes comprehensive search, preview and customer tracking features.

        • Chicago's Oldest Online Entertainment Guide   January 1991 - Ongoing 
          Chicago's Oldest Online Entertainment Guide
          Self Employed : Publisher of - Chicago's oldest online entertainment guide. This old and commended system is continuously used to demonstrate leading-edge web capabilities and to grow community building, promotion and event production skills.

        • Multi-User Business and Retail Systems   November 1990 - April 1996
          Multi-User Business and Retail Systems
          JFM Management : Developed enhancements to high-end accounting system and supported large customer base.

        • Touch Screen Industrial Process Controls   February 1988 - November 1990
          Touch Screen Industrial Process Controls
          R.S.P. Electronics : Created major multi-tasking master control programs for networks of device terminals for industrial laundries.

        • Automated Typesetting   February 1987 - February 1988
          Automated Typesetting
          Pitney Bowes : Programmed media and file conversions for automatic typesetting markup of large documents.

        • Animated Educational Activities for Exhibits   January 1981 - December 1987
          Animated Educational Activities for Exhibits
          Self Employed : Developed for major local exhibit builders. Worked for Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Botanic Gardens and others.

        • Andrew's First Computers   
          Andrew's First Computers
          Self Employed : Programming since 1972!

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      Andrew Bedno ("Drizzle") is an outstanding FACE PAINTER and BALLOON ARTIST and with an extensive Chicago area performance history.

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        But those aside there's JUST a few things I dearly want, published here for friends and family gifting advice.

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