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  • About Andrew
    Andrew Bedno is the prolific creator of this site.
    • Resumé

      Web Developer

      • Over twenty years of professional programming experience.
      • Skilled in SalesForce, WordPress, Drupal, Orchard, others.
      • Fluent in PHP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, C, VB, more.
      • Long history of reliable full stack projects.

      • Health Records Systems
        Developing in .Net, VB, C#, MS-SQL, Apex, Javascript, HTML, Crystal Reports on Microsoft servers and IIS. Managing WordPress and Orchard sites.
        OFFSITE GPS MAP GPS MorCare LLC, 312-431-0123, 222 S. Riverside Plaza #1850, Chicago, IL 60606
        Start:2011.03.21  - Ongoing... 
      • Phone App Development
        Developing in C and XCode under Cordova with jQuery. Created app that speaks praises.
      • Barcoding Solutions
        Developing in C, VB, PHP and MySQL. Created patented barcode scanning inventory systems used throughout McDonald's and elsewhere.
        OFFSITEMAP Data Collection Partners, 630-941-0101, 600 Hunter Dr #200, Oak Brook, IL 60523
        Start:2006.07.01  End:2011.03.01 
      • Social Cycling System
        Developing in Javascript, PHP and MySQL under Apache. Created renowned bicycling navigation webapp.
        Start:2009.05.01  - Ongoing... 
      • Non-Profit Org
        Served on the Board of Directors. Managed Drupal websites and social media.
        OFFSITEMAP Break The Gridlock, 2425 N Albany Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
        Start:2009.02.01  End:2015.08.01 
      • Drupal Website
        Developing in PHP and MySQL under Apache/Linux. Created and managed Drupal website and social media.
        MEDIA OFFSITE REFERENCE GPS MAP GPS Triton Troupers Circus, 2001 N 5th Ave, River Grove IL
        Start:2007.03.01  - Ongoing... 
      • Drupal Website
        Developing in PHP and MySQL under Apache. Created and managed Drupal website and social media.
        OFFSITE OFFSITEChicago Critical Mass
        Start:2006.06.01  - Ongoing... 
      • Drupal Website
        Developing in PHP and MySQL under Apache. Created and managed Drupal website and social media.
        OFFSITE OFFSITEChicago Naked Ride
        Start:2006.03.01  - Ongoing... 
      • Bulk Mailing
        Working with various databases processing lists for one of Illinois' busiest bulk mailers.
        OFFSITEMAP Mid-Central Printing & Mailing, 847-251-4040, 1241 Central Ave, Wilmette IL 60091
        Start:2004.07.01  End:2006.07.31 
      • Team Management System
        Developing in PHP and MySQL. Maintained and enhanced project management software.
        OFFSITEMAP TrippLite Manufacturing, 1111 West 35th Street, Chicago IL 60609
        Start:2004.06.01  End:2005.01.31 
      • Facilities Management
        Developing in PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. Enhanced a major facilities management package.
        OFFSITEMAP Sentact, 805-884-6375, 519 W Golf, Arlington Heights IL 60005
        Start:2003.11.01  End:2004.01.31 
      • Categorized Listings Guide
        Developing in Perl and PHP, SSI and HTML on Apache. Major SEO and reporting features.
        OFFSITE REFERENCEMAP, 630-665-1854, 705 Warrenville Rd, Wheaton IL 60187
        Start:2003.01.01  End:2013.12.31 
      • Social Networking Systems
        Developing in PHP and MySQL, HTML/Javascript/CSS under Apache/Linux. Creating social networking sites.
        MOREChicago Matches
        Start:2001.11.01  End:2002.05.31 
      • Job Placement System
        Developing in Perl and MySQL, HTML/Javascript under Linux.
        OFFSITEMAP Get That Gig, 773-871-2930, Dawson Hackley Advertising, 1000 W Diversey, Chicago IL 60614
        Start:2001.01.01  End:2001.10.31 
      • Job Placement System
        Developing in Perl and MySQL, HTML/Javascript under Linux.
        OFFSITEMAP Restaurant Recruit, 773-871-2930, Dawson Hackley Advertising, 1000 W Diversey, Chicago IL 60614
        Start:2001.01.01  End:2001.10.31 
      • Online K-12 Education
        Developing in Perl and MySQL, HTML/JavaScript under NT. Managed small team.
        OFFSITEMAP Strategic Studies Corp, 877-687-7200, 8430 W BrynMawr #520, Chicago IL 60631
        Start:2000.07.01  End:2000.11.30 
      • Online Software Sales
        Developing in Perl under Linux, created e-commerce system.
        Start:2000.01.01  End:2001.09.11 
      • Computer Addiction Game
        Developing in Pascal for DOS, Perl under Unix. Created game and e-commerce site.
        Start:1999.01.01  End:2001.01.01 
      • Online Software Sales
        Developing in Perl under Unix. Created e-commerce site.
        SAMPLEPalm Docs
        Start:1999.01.01  End:2001.09.11 
      • Text Editing for Palm Pilots
        Developing in Perl under Unix. Created e-commerce system and licensing serialization.
        Start:1998.07.01  End:2001.09.11 
      • E-Commerce Developer
        Developing in C under Unix. Created early online retail system including credit card processing.
        SAMPLEPrince Interactive
        Start:1998.02.01  End:1999.12.31 
      • Accessories for Palm Pilots
        Created clear flip cover product and e-commerce system developed in C under Unix.
        SAMPLEVisionary 2000
        Start:1997.09.01  End:2000.01.01 
      • Online Media Management
        Developing in Informix SQL/4GL under Unix, C under NT, and video transcoding tools.
        MEDIA OFFSITE SAMPLEMAP D.G. Systems, 312-828-1146, 110 W Hubbard, Chicago IL 60610
        Start:1997.05.01  End:2000.05.31 
      • Online Media Order Processing
        Developing in NetDynamics, C and Informix under NT and SCO Unix.
        OFFSITE SAMPLEMAP Mediatech, 312-828-1146, 110 W Hubbard, Chicago IL 60610
        Start:1997.05.01  End:2000.05.31 
      • Online Restaurant Reservations
        Developing in VB and C under Unix and NT. Managed small team.
        MEDIA SAMPLE OFFSITEMAP Resnet Systems, 773-594-9159, 5451 N. East River Rd #1602, Chicago IL 60656
        Start:1996.10.01  End:1997.05.31 
      • First Internet Terminal for TVs
        Developing in C under Linux.
        MEDIA OFFSITE SAMPLEMAP Multimedia Systems, 847-405-0771, 1141-G Lake Cook Rd, Deerfield IL 60015
        Start:1996.04.01  End:1996.10.31 
      • Heavy Equipment Sales Tool
        Developing in Visual Basic on Windows network.
        OFFSITEMAP Absolute Solutions, 312-472-4455, 2242 N Southport, Chicago IL 60614
        Start:1994.06.01  End:1996.05.31 
      • Stock Photo Order Processing System
        Developing in dBase on Windows network.
        OFFSITE REFERENCEMAP Ibid, 847-733-7100, 1638 Payne St, Evanston IL 60201
        Start:1991.06.01  End:1993.06.30 
      • Chicago's Oldest Entertainment Guide
        Developing in PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux. Sole author of massive content.
        Start:1991.01.01  - Ongoing... 
      • Multi-User Business Systems
        Developing in Cobol and C under Unix. Enhancing a high-end accounting system.
        MEDIA OFFSITE REFERENCEMAP JFM Management, 312-644-0870, 414 N Orleans St, 4th Floor, Chicago IL 60610
        Start:1990.11.01  End:1996.04.30 
      • Touch Screen Industrial Controls
        Developing in Pascal and C under DOS. Created master control programs for device networks.
        MEDIA REFERENCEMAP R.S.P. Electronics, 312-561-5520, 5715 N Wayne Ave, Chicago IL 60660
        Start:1988.02.01  End:1990.11.30 
      • Automated Typesetting
        Developing in Tex, Awk and PostScript under DOS and Unix. Converted diverse media and file formats.
        OFFSITE REFERENCEMAP Pitney Bowes, 312-236-0200, 208 S Lasalle, Chicago IL 60604
        Start:1987.02.01  End:1988.02.01 
      • Educational Activities for Exhibits
        Developing in Pascal and Basic. Created games for Chicago Museum of Science&Industry, Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Botanic Gardens.
        Start:1981.01.01  End:1987.12.31 
      • Andrew's First Computers
        Programming since 1972!
        The Early Years

    • Chicago Transit Authority
      Andrew's work appears on the CTA's resources pages.
      OFFSITE MOREEnd:2013.06.29 
    • Divvy
      Andrew's work appears on Divvy Bike's resources pages.
      OFFSITE MOREEnd:2013.06.29 
    • Apps for Metro Chicago
      Finalist in the Metro Chicago Information Center's data portal contest.
    • Triton Troupers Circus
      Certificate of outstanding contribution.
      OFFSITE MOREEnd:2008.05.09 
    • Alvarado
      "Thank you for making the difficult easy and the unavailable real!"
    • ChicagoFun
      "Thanks for the great work"
    • Newcity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 2001.
    • was a "Best Of The Net" winner in 2000.
    • Chicago Tribune
      Glowing review of Getalife software.
    • London Free Press
      Glowing review of Getalife software.
    • Newsweek
      Glowing review of Getalife software.
    • Philadelphia
      Glowing review of Getalife software.
    • DGSystems
      "Congratulations on getting this in place on a shoestring!"
    • Newcity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 1999.
    • NewCity was a "Best of Chicago" readers' polls winner in 1998.
    • Resnet
      "made a critical review ... led to fundamental changes"
    • Visiplex
      "patient and knowledgeable ... positive and enthusiastic"
    • Ibid
      "great satisfaction with your work... available and helpful in the extreme"
    • Latham
      "Thanks for saving my business!!"
    • Screenflex
      "knowledge and expertise has become something I can rely on"
    • JFM
      The company's first ever "Mr. Congeniality" award for Extreme Patience in Service to Customers.
    • AirVoid
      "always been a pleasure ... wish him the very best"
    • Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals
      ICCP is THE standard for certification of computer professionals since 1973. Passed with honors in the top 10%!
    • JFM
      "reliable professional. ... good understanding of high technology equipment ..."
    • Dallas VAMC
      "proved himself to be a highly reliable and responsive individual"
    • Whitewater
      "attention to detail and genuinely cared about the quality ... an asset to any company"
    • Humana
      "worked to fix problems promptly and showed real concern"
    • Precision
      "one of a few excellent programmers"
    • AHS
      "knowledgeable and courteous"
    • JFM
      "continually demonstrated technical expertise ... responsive to customer ... highly recommend"
    • Paramount
      "greatly appreciate your talents and attitude"
    • Cognum
      "innate understanding of computers ... able to handle projects of considerable complexity"
    • Print Magazine Award
      Educational computer game was a major component in an award winning museum exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.
    • Chicago Botanic Garden
      "ingenuity and creativity ... thorough knowledge of computers and programming"

  • GitHub
    More samples of Andrew's programming at GitHub/Bedno.
  • Perl
    Web-Based Media Manager
  • JavaScript
    Automatic Talking Twister Spinner
  • PHP
    Web-Based File Manager
  • SQL
    Web-Based Configurable Database Editor
  • VisualBasic
    Windows Telephone Dialer
  • C
    Text Stream Word Wrapper
  • Shell
    Bulletin Board System
  • xBase
    Database Dump Utility
  • Cobol
    Serial Communications Utilities
  • Pascal
    Handheld Fractal Generator
  • Weighted Attribute Balance Evaluator
    Developing in JavaScript and HTML.
    OFFSITEStart:2009.02.01  - Ongoing... 
  • More Sites
    Andrew created a number of Chicago entertainment related and performer sites early this century, all using parts of the same advanced content management software.
    Start:2001.11.01  End:2002.05.31 
    Developing in PHP, HTML, CSS under Apache.
    Developing in HTML and CSS.
    Developing in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS under Apache.
    Developing in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS under Apache.
  • Basic Website Templates
  • Drizzle the Clown
    Andrew Bedno ("Drizzle") is an outstanding FACE PAINTER and BALLOON ARTIST and with an extensive Chicago area performance history.
  • Contact Andrew
    To contact Andrew use the main contact form, or the little feedback form on any page, or email or call 773-44-22-FUN (773-442-2386), after reviewing some helpful hints.
  • Andrew Personal
    Andrew's personal tastes, interests, music, movies, reading, etc.
    • All I Want
      Peace on Earth, good will twix all, end to starvation and population growth, modesty...
      But those aside there's JUST a few things I dearly want, published here for friends and family gifting advice.

    • Andrew's very favorite 1GB of music
      Minimum file list for portable media device loading. No mp3s, just insights.
  • Andrew's Art
    Andrew Bedno's artworks in various media.
  • Andrew Offsite
    Andrew Bedno's presence on popular social sites.
  • Andrew's Music
    Andrew Bedno's musical compositions and performance history.
  • WebCam
    Andrew Bedno's Live WebCam
  • GPS
    Andrew Bedno's Whereabouts
  • Full Moons Table
    Shortcut to NASA reference.
  • Photos
    WOW! The massive photo+video archive is simply unparalleled. With tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of videos of local events spanning more than a decade, all searchable!

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